Maparoni + Discourse

Discourse has an extensive API and plug-in system. This could be used in various ways to make it play nicely with Maparoni:

  • Maparoni could talk to the API directly, to display certain posts as collections and possibly even creating posts from such a collection. Or use it to attach a discussion to a collection or a location.
  • The “Collections” category here could feed Maparoni’s repository of public collections directly. Maparoni could let you export a collection to, and when approved these collections could then make it into Maparoni – as a crowd-sourced alternative to
  • A plugin for Discourse that let’s you attach location information to a post. The plugin then generates a Maparoni-friendly collection for that post (or category?), so you can subscribe to it from Maparoni. Could be useful for Discourse communities that plan events together.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.