Beta build 192 – list and table fields

We’re excited to announce the addition of our new “List” and “Table” fields, along with a selection of powerful formulas to filter, sort, reverse, and perform numeric calculations. @Rubinio is also working on some templates to showcase these features.

We’ve also changed the default formula syntax to name(para1, para2, ...) instead of, ...) for added robustness.

We’ve also made UI tweaks for adding a new field, and fixed several bugs, including:

  • Open Folder action not adding folder as external source (long tap the ‘+’ icon on the main screen on iOS)
  • Crash when adding an external folder that was previously added as a subfolder
  • Subfolders not being displayed for external folders
  • Missing “Close” action on external folders and allow deleting content in external folders

Please let us know what you think and if you have any feedback. We’d love to hear it!

You should get the new beta through Sparkle’s auto-update on Mac or TestFlight on iOS, or download it here.