Beta build 152, and requiring iOS 16 soon

iOS 16 will be released later this year and is now available as a public beta. It brings some improvements that we think are significant for Maparoni and we’ll therefore switch an upcoming beta (and the future release) of Maparoni to require iOS 16.

The key improvements are a simplified flow for sharing collections (through iCloud Drive), and being able to select features that are part of the map to then easily add them to your collection — without having to drop a pin or search for it. It’s a much smoother flow.

We have just pushed a new beta (build 152) which has some first improvements for iOS 16 and macOS 13 — along with many fixes. Details are in the changelog.

Stay tuned for some of the “desktop-class” features for iPad in upcoming builds. On the Mac side, we’re looking to maintain compatibility with macOS 12 Monterey though some features might require macOS 13 Ventura.